Exclusive! 5 ways to style your fitted shirts as a man!

Fitted Shirts are those corporate shirts that have been styled and starched to make them look like a second skin when you wear them. The ultimate way to know a professional working-class corporate guy is by his shirts and they can come in different colours and collars. Fitted shirts can come in regular collar style or in bishop collar style.

Although they are traditionally designed for the corporate guys, fitted shirts can also be worn even if you don’t work in corporate; who says you can’t pair a badass fitted shirt with good stonewash jeans and nice footwear and rock the look to your store or your shop in the market.

Even as a happening millennial and Gen-Z, ditch that hoodie and joggers and look for a nice fitted shirt/pants/and dress shoes combo and I can assure you that your colleagues, business associates and even your babe will start taking you seriously as nice fitted shirt gives your responsible and mature vibes and who doesn’t want to be called mature and responsible right?

Fitted shirts are also perfect for going on dates, just excuse the tie, open the top two buttons, get nice slacks and some ankle boots and maybe a tiny neck chain, and let me tell you, there’s nothing that screams ‘dress-to-impress’ more than that!

You woke up late and you are thinking of what to wear to church, don’t fret, pair your fitted shirt with a modest pair of blue or black jeans (depending on the colour of the shirt), and nice black dress shoes (you can never go wrong with a black or brown shoe), and you are good to go. For the ultimate dress-to-kill look, grab a jacket or a blazer with a pocket square and I can assure you that even the angels will acknowledge your beauty.

Fitted shirts are designed to make you look elegant, classy, responsible, and professional. To get these qualities, don a fitted shirt from Avila Fashion.

Below are five different ways to style your fitted shirt

1. DRESS IT UP WITH A BLAZER: A fitted shirt pairs perfectly with a tailored blazer. The combination creates a sharp and sophisticated look that is perfect for more formal occasions. Choose a blazer that complements the colour and style of the shirt. A blazer is a type of jacket that is often worn as part of a formal or semi-formal outfit. They are commonly worn with dress pants, a shirt, and a tie for formal occasions or with jeans and a casual shirt for a more relaxed look.

2. PAIR WITH DRESS PANTS: Fitted shirts look great when paired with dress pants. This combination creates a classic, polished look. Choose dress pants in a neutral colour like black, grey, or navy to keep the focus on the shirt.

3. LAYER WITH A SWEATER: For a more casual look, layer your fitted shirt with a sweater. A crewneck or V-neck sweater in a complementary colour can add texture and dimension to your outfit. Sweaters come in many styles and designs, including crew neck, V-neck, turtleneck, and cardigan. Sweaters are commonly worn over a shirt or blouse and paired with pants or a skirt.

4. ROLL UP THE SLEEVES: Roll up the sleeves of your fitted shirt to create a more casual and relaxed look. This is perfect for warmer weather and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

5. TUCK INTO JEANS: Fitted shirts also work well with jeans for a more casual look. Make sure to tuck in the shirt to create a clean, streamlined silhouette. Choose jeans in a darker wash for a more sophisticated look.

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